Lizardman Cavalry color test

The Lizardmen (Second Human Empire: Xil'ooiki Siu'uuni) are one of the most ancient races in the world, created by the Old Ones to enact their Great Plan. The primary habitat of the Lizardmen is among the steaming jungles of Lustria, although there are scattered smaller cultures throughout the world including notable populations in the Southlands, the Dragon Isles and the Hinterlands of Khuresh. The Lizardmen are divided up into four sub-species, and each serves a distinct role in their society. The Lizardmen are a race of reptilians that inhabit the continent of Lustria in the Old World. They are composed of 4 main species, with a few sub-species, and are responsible for many of the temple ruins around the world, especially south of Nehekhara. The Lizardmen joined the Alliance of Nations to help battling against the Sakkras (Axis) and Gorn (Duyi'zu).

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