Boomers were large, unintelligent members of the Locust Horde who earned their reputation as the Locust Horde's heavy weapon specialists. Several variations appeared over the course of the Locust War. As of current issues, they now serve the Alliance of Nations, knowing that Queen Myrrah is dead.


Boomers were humanoid in shape, but were much taller than the average human or Drone, being at least eight feet tall. Boomers also bristled with muscle, making them considerably thicker than other humanoids. Despite this, they were able to move at suprising speeds. Their inner anatomy was presumed to be similar to that of a Locust Drone's, as they showed no improvement nor degradation in vision or hearing. On the other hand, Boomers were considerably tougher to kill than their smaller brethern, able to survive an entire Longshot round to the head.

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