Londo motfl

Londo Mollari was the Centauri ambassador to the Bab'lonin, ambassador to Allied Joint Military and the Founder of the Alliance Organization of Economies. Mollari is a stout patriot, willing to do anything for his homeworld, and like most Centauri of his generation he pines for the glory days of the Centauri Republic. Mollari is ambitious, loud and opinionated, and has a weakness for women, drink and gambling. He also has a weakness for power, and will do almost anything to gain more, so he can help the Centauri Republic become the "Lion of the Galaxy" once again. Although seen as proud, forceful and arrogant in public, he allows his softer side to be seen by a few in private, his love for Adira Tyree and his concern for the development of Vir Cotto being the most obvious examples of this.

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