A Looted Leman Russ Tank

Looted Wagons are enemy vehicles which the Orks have wrecked and are salvaged by Lootas and taken to Meks to be rebuilt. The Orks will add 'Kustomisations' that are as likely to damage the Wagon as it is to damage the enemy. Looted Wagons are popular with the Death Skulls tribe who are very good at 'liberating' vehicles. Death Skulls like to loot a vehicle, repair it, then use it on the enemy in the same battle. There is a legend about a Loota Called 'Grabber' Gutzbag who could loot Titans. Blood Axes also like looted wagons and use them to infiltrate Allies and Axis positions.

List of vehicles looted Edit

  • TIE Mauler
  • AT-AT
  • Leopard 2
  • IFT-X
  • IG-227 Hailfire
  • T-72
  • Leman Russ Tank
  • T-4B
  • AAT
  • STAP
  • T-90
  • EKS-43 MBT (Elerian MBT)
  • VS-3 MLRS (Bulrathi MLRS)
  • Sdkfz 99
  • 2-M Saber
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