Lucrehulk battleship TCW

The Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship was one of the many warships used by the Trade Federation and the Separatist Navy, and arguably the most important weapon in their arsenals. Droid Control Ships were used to coordinate battle droid armies.[1]

Characteristics Edit

The ship was similar in appearance to the standard Lucrehulk-class battleship—a toroidal hull with engines in the stern, docking claws at the bow, and a detachable core ship in the center.[1]

The major addition to the Droid Control Ship was an array of transmitters and broadcasting equipment, which allowed it to control a large battle droid army on a planetary surface. Each ship has two large main antennas and six backup antennas. Sensor equipment included one main sensor rectenna and two auxiliary sensor rectennas. The core ship has two more sensor rectennas.

Equally important, the Droid Control Ship was equipped with 16 signal receiver dishes, located around the perimeter of the vessel, to pick up transmissions from droid units. Each of these receiver dishes has a pair of boost panels to squelch noise or interference. The ship was fitted with an extremely powerful Central Control Computer to sort through and process incoming information, formulate commands, and broadcast them to the surface.[1]

To compensate for this additional power drain, Droid Control Ships were equipped with additional reactor units; providing more energy but also increasing the vessel's vulnerability to internal explosions, which was exploited by Anakin Skywalker during its attack on Naboo.[1]

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