Lursa, 2371

Lursa was the elder of the two Duras sisters who were responsible for the beginning of the War in the Beta Quadrant in 1521 N.E. She was the mastermind behind her family's fight to head the Klingon Empire. With the assistance of the Axis, Lursa and her sister B'Etor plotted to install Toral, the illegitimate son of Duras, on the throne of the Klingon High Council. She attempted to persuade the Alliance, who was the Arbiter of Succession, to rule in favor of Toral. When the Alliance supported Gowron, she and her sister took up arms against Gowron. Their attempt was defeated when the Allies blockaded delivery of supplies from the Rebels. When the Romulan involvement was exposed, Lursa's support evaporated.

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