M2014 Gauss

The much beloved Gauss rifle in its second generation form with more power and less recoil, improved in all the ways that matter. This electro-magnetic rifle will provide Snipers with the sheer power needed to get the job done. Now in its second incarnation following successful field trials with the Alliance army at the Kalimdor Incident, the M2014 Gauss Rifle is an advanced anti-material rifle designed specifically to address the needs of troops engaged in asymmetric warfare. Developed by CryNet Systems Electromagnetic Research Division, the rifle supersedes previous generations of .50cal sniper rifles such as the Barrett M82, combining increased power and muzzle velocity with reduced recoil. Its unrivaled muzzle velocity provides a greater range, less bullet drop and less wind drift than its nearest rivals, bypassing the inherent cost and physical limitations of conventional firearms.

The M2014 was developed from railgun technology, using magnetic fields to hyper-accelerate projectiles to unprecedented speeds. Powered by a new 8-mega-joule prototype capacitor bank using solid-state switches and high-energy-density capacitors, the rifle’s stopping power is unmatched. The M2014 became standard issue for the elite ranks and special operatives of Alliance Joint Military, notably well-known individuals like Nova Terra. CryNet spokesman Elliot Schwarz sees the M2014 as a breakthrough in modern battlefield technology. "The M2014 is a ‘game changer’ that will take us through the unique challenges of the next decade"

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