816 killzone-2-m224-a1-lmg

The M224-A1 Light Machine Gun is the Allies's answer to the Helghast StA-3 Light Machine Gun. It has retained the power of the heavy ISA M224-A3 Heavy Support Weapon and its mounted counterpart the M224 MOMAG which are all manufactured by ISA, using the powerful 6.8 x 43 mm cartridge like the M82 Assault Rifle, but has lost the single-shot missile shooting capability of the fore in order to increase its maneuverability, as well as a significant reduction of fire rate. Being lighter, it can be fired from a shouldered position using its iron sights and so gains a considerable accuracy advantage over the StA-3 Stova LMG. The weapon is favored by Allied Strike force squads for laying down sustained suppressive fire, while other squad members flank enemy positions. It is currently under the possession of the Alliance of Nations.

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