M240 Incinerator

The M240 Incinerator Unit,[2] also known as the M240 Flamethrower (or M240 Flame Thrower) and colloquially as the Bake-a-Flake,[2] is a carbine-style flamethrower employed by the Alliance of Nations. The weapon could be supplied with fuel either through canisters attached to the weapon or a direct main supply. The M240 Incinerator is designed for use in close combat at the squad and fireteam level. It uses ultra-thickened napthal fuel as a base, stored under pressure and ignited by a nozzle burner as it leaves the weapon's barrel, and is capable of shooting a stream of flame up to 30 meters, although this range can be extended by firing the flame upwards at an angle, causing the stream to arc down onto a target.[2] The weapon itself is 88 cm long and weighs 2.7 kg with a full reservoir. The reservoir can be unscrewed and replaced to reload the weapon; alternatively, a valve at the rear of the incinerator allows for the weapon to be refueled directly.[2] A control can be used to alter the amount of fuel flowing to the weapon's barrel, while a thumb switch on the pistol grip ignites the nozzle burner. The weapon is fired by squeezing the hand grip trigger, and will continue to fire until the trigger is released.[

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