The M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle[1][2] (M274 ULATV), commonly known as the Mongoose, is a Alliance of Nations (namely the United Alliances of Orion Species) light ground reconnaissance vehicle designed by AMG Transport Dynamics. The Mongoose lacks weapons, but can carry a driver and a passenger. The passenger can fire their weapons, but they will not be able to zoom in. The Mongoose ULATV is one of the most maneuverable ground vehicles in the arsenal of the AON/UAOS. It is a highly effective vehicle for reconnaissance and rapid transportation. The Mongoose is a difficult target due to its smaller size, but its high speed and light mass make vulnerable to crashes and flips at high speeds and over unstable terrain. To make matters worse, the design of the vehicle and its lack of armor leave both the driver and passenger completely exposed.

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