The M312 Heavy Recovery Vehicle,[2][3] sometimes referred to as the Behemoth-class Troop Transport[3] and commonly known as the Elephant, is a heavy UNSC Marine Corps Mobile Assault, Support, and Recovery Platform. The Elephant is a mobile command base and repair vehicle and is able to pull an entire Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine by itself.[6] It is armed with a forward M41 LAAG on the top right and a AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun on the mid left.[7] It is a three-level vehicle with the bottom level, the respawn locale that opens out into the rear cargo tray, the second level, a walkway around the cargo ramp and leads onto the driver's cabin, then a small elevated third level where the M41 LAAG is assembled. It features a crane, numerous firing ports and elevated positions for defending it. It has four tracks set up on each side of the chassis. Its chassis is as high as they are wide, providing stability. The Elephant can house a Mongoose in its lower bay, and can hold up to an additional three Mongooses in the front with two in the back with two Warthogs. It is used by the Alliance of Nations

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