The M56 Smartgun is a man-portable heavy machine gun with automatic targeting capabilities chambered for 10×28mm Caseless ammunition. It is notably employed by the Alliance of Nations. The M56A2 model in particular saw regular use in engagements with the Axis and Horde forces. The M56 Smartgun system actually consists of four major components — the M56 combat harness, the Head Mounted Sight, the stabilized articulation arm and the gun itself. The M56 is carried into combat on a self-aiming stabilized mount that is linked to an infrared target tracking system for accurate, autonomous aiming. The mount also negates the traditional need to position or set up the machine gun prior to opening fire. The gun itself is constructed largely from molded carbon fibre and light alloy stampings, though some interior parts are made of high-strength plastics. The weapon is air-cooled, although an additional heat sink attachment can be mounted to further improve sustained fire capabilities. The M56 is 122 cm long, incorporating a 54.5 cm barrel, while the entire gun assembly, including the harness and a full load of ammunition, masses 17.82 kg.

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