The M84A MAGLOADER is a Western main battle tank that was in service around 1984 and was adopted as the Main Battle Tank of the Contract Forces of Atreia (CFA, formerly Contract Forces of Africa). Piper Wright uses one named "Publick Occurrencer" during in the First to Second Wars then lend over by Allison Jakes after Piper's death

Background and Features Edit

Being a main battle tank, it possesses a powerful 125 mm cannon, high mobility and medium armor. It is equipped with a .50 calliber machine gun mounted on the turret. It boasts inferior firepower compared to the TT77 NOSOROG, but has superior armor and a better top speed.

History Edit

The M84A MAGLOADER was in service since at least in the First War with various Private Forces operating in the Multiverse. A few Magloaders are also used by the Allies during the war

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