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The MC140 Scythe-class main battle cruiser was the primary warship of the Allied Defense Fleet after the Second War. Designed and produced by the famed Mon Calamari Shipyards, the Scythe was a radical departure from normal Mon Calamari starship design. In addition to the unique front blade, the Scythe-class was a mass-produced, standardized design, unlike prior generations of the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser.

These battle cruisers saw extensive use during the Second War. Following the starting of the Nationalist Wars and the Third War, many Scythe battle cruisers saw continued service in the Multiversial Federation during their operations against the TransRace.

Characteristics Edit

The Scythe-class battle cruiser's name was in part due to the massive vertical blade centered on the bow of the warship. The Scythe-class was heavily armed with advanced weaponry, including thirty heavy turbolaser batteries, thirty standard turbolaser batteries, twenty ion cannon batteries, and forty proton torpedo launcher batteries with a total 160-warhead capacity.

The majority of the Scythe's weapon batteries were mounted on the forward blade. This configuration was referred to as a "cross of fire" by Allied officials and Mon Calamari engineers, and allowed the Scythe-class battle cruiser to focus its fire onto a singular point. While the "cross of fire" weapons arrangement proved deadly to almost any warship that fell into its crosshairs, this provided some drawbacks. The heavy concentration of weapons batteries on the forward hull meant that there was limited weaponry on the ship's broadsides and stern. Furthermore, massive power conduits from the ship's main reactor and numerous auxiliary reactors took up additional space.

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