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The MC30c frigate was a class of Mon Calamari-designed warship, utilized by the Alliance of Nations.


It was considered one of the most powerful mid-level ships used in the war. MC30c frigates utilized proton torpedoes to bombard larger enemy starships in combat. In addition to this, it was also one of the fastest ships of its type.[1]It featured several proton torpedo launchers as well as turbolaser batteries. The largest weakness of the ship was that it had very light armor. The weapons it carried were strong enough to threaten most capital ships, but if heavy fire was concentrated on the frigate, it would most likely be destroyed.

It was also apparently common for these vessels to utilize cluster bombs that would damage enemy targets around the frigate. The cluster bombs were intended as a last defense against fighters and bombers. They proved very effective against tight clusters of such vessels, though once the mines were depleted the MC30c frigate would be virtually defenseless against enemy bombers until it reloaded.