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The MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser was an early type of Mon Calamari Star Cruiser put into service for the Alliance of Nations. The Orlais, commanded by Vivienne, belongs to this vessel. The Coalition of Independent States had least one MC80 named Dark Kite, a Forsaken Corrupted ship commanded by Forsaken-corrupt Mon Calamari Admiral Gumbrak Hoxz.



Like most Mon Calamari designs, each vessel was individually unique, which was frustrating for technicians. As with other Calamari designs, all warships in this group were standardized as much as possible to aid non-Calamari crewmembers, something the artistic Mon Calamari accepted begrudgingly.

A common variant of the MC80 Star Cruiser line was exemplified by the cruiser Liberty. It had an array of nine engines, divided into three different sizes, located at the stern. A large wing-shaped superstructure was affixed to the main hull on either side, containing weapons pods and tractor beam arrays. Some MC80 cruisers had their wing sections shortened and were equipped with an additional thruster.

Offensive and defensive systems[]

Blueprints for the MC80 Liberty type cruiser.

Blisters filled with turbolaser cannons, deflector shield projectors, tractor beam projectors and Ion Cannons were scattered throughout each vessel, many of which were located on the wing structures. The Turbolasers and the Ion cannons possessed advanced targeting systems and were able to track and destroy fighters and smaller craft.

While their armaments, which varied from ship to ship, were less than those found on the Axis's mile-long Star Destroyers, their shielding capability was far more advanced. The multiple backup shields and multiple shield generators ensured that a Calamarian cruiser could not only last in combat against more heavily armed opponents but also they had more protection from spacial elemental threats.[9]