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The MC90 Star Cruiser was a warship class designed by the Mon Calamari for the Alliance of Nations.


Produced in the Mon Calamari Shipyards, the Sluis Van Shipyards, and the Hast Shipyards, the MC90 was the first Mon Calamari Star Cruiser designed specifically as a warship.[1] Its focus on heavy weapons and large hangars showed a realistic assessment of the firepower required to challenge Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Controls and displays onboard the ship were designed, for the first time on a Mon Calamari Cruiser, for compatibility with most major species, allowing for officers other than Mon Calamari to pilot the vessels.[1]The command center was a clear bubble in the center of the ship, giving the bridge officers a vision of the area below as well as above. Admiral Ackbar was not pleased with the choice of constructing the bridge this way; he argued that it was too much of a weak spot that the Imperial forces could exploit.[6]


The MC90 was the first purpose-built warship produced by the Mon Calamari since the Age of Uncertainty. Designed with a focus on heavy weapons and large hangars the MC90 was well suited to challenge the Star Destroyers still favoured by the Axis and Imperialists leadership and served as one of the most powerful ships in the Allied fleet until eclipsed by larger battlecruisers shortly before the Nationalist Wars. Although not formally part of the New Class Modernization Program, the MC90 nonetheless adhered to the same strategic capabilities and, for the first time on a Mon Calamari starship, included control surfaces and displays compatible with most major species, although some Allied commanders disliked the exposed observation bubble designated for bridge operations.