The Ma'Tok staff, known more commonly as simply a Staff weapon, is the primary weapon of Jaffa warriors. The Ma'Tok staff is a high-power, anti-personnel energy weapon. It is a two-meter staff shaped vaguely like a Goa'uld symbiote. The front end is oval-shaped, which opens to reveal the barrel of the weapon. The back end has a club, allowing the staff to double as a melee weapon at close range, as well as a small blue patch that may be illuminated to act as a light. It is activated by a small control spot near the midsection and is powered by a small Liquid Naquadah power cell which will furnish the weapon for a seemingly indefinite amount of time. They are used by the Axis of Empires, although Imperial Stormtroopers didn't found it as a weapon to be used by them or anyone at that matter at any case they call it "a bit too fantasy for our taste"

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