Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds was the captain of the Firefly-class transport ship Serenity. During the Unification War, Mal fought for the Independents and was the highest ranking Separatist to participate in and survive the Battle of Serenity until he was defected to Alliance of Nations along with crew once the Union of Allied Planets joined that factions, betraying the Browncoats instantly. The ship was a means of escaping the loss of the war and the resulting Alliance dominance over the systems, and Mal's attempts to get by in a Universe that had forsaken him. He took whatever jobs he could get, turning a blind eye if he could to the legality of the job, but never doing the wrong thing in terms of morality (he will happily steal medicine supplies from Ariel for sale on the black market as none of it will be missed on a central planet. He was later to be the pilot of an YT-1300 freighter nicknamed Serenity II, after it was destroyed by the Separatists led by General Grievous when Zoe Alleyne Washburne, unbeknownst to the Serenity crew, a spy for the CIS, planted a tracking device

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Mal was born on September 20, 1420 N.E and was brought up on a ranch on the planet Shadow. Raised by his mother and "about 40 hands," Mal apparently received a fairly decent education growing up. Though Mal usually seems more practical than intellectual, he occasionally surprised his friends by displaying familiarity in a wide range of literature varying from the works of Shan Yu, a psychotic dictator, to poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, he does, however, have no idea "who" Mona Lisa was.

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