The Malican War was a military conflict fought primarily between the United Commonwealths of Worlds (then the United Republics of Worlds) and the Empire of the Heartless.The war started when the URW attacked the Heartless after years of political and diplomatic tensions between the two. The Malican War raged for some 52 years before the Axis invaded the Malica Universe. It also made up more than 87% of the casualties in the Malica Universe for both the United Commonwealths and the Heartless. The war eventually lead the United Commonwealths of Worlds joining the Alliance of Nations, and the Empire of the Heartless joining the Axis of Empires once two factions started invading the Malica Universe

History Edit

People involved Edit

The United Commonwealths (Republics) of Worlds Edit

  • Prime President (Chancellor) Christopher Anderson

The Empire of the Heartless Edit

  • Empress Maleficent
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