Marian Allyn Hawke
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Thedas, Ou'hjik universe

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1358 N.E

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Federal Kingdom of Felreden, Alliance Commandos




Soldier, Commando

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Carver Hawke, Bethany Hawke


"I'm sure someone thought far too long about my name."

-Marian Hawke meeting BJ Blazkowicz for the first time

Marian Allyn Hawke[src] (born 1358 N.E), is the fourth well-known War hero of the Alliance of Nations and the Female counterpart to the best well-known Allied war hero, BJ Blazkowicz. Marian is a human who lived in Thedas during the First Multiverse War. Unlike Blazkowicz, she was seen in a couple of multiversial battles. She was also the founder of the Hawke Institute in the planet Alderaan. She was known to be the poster girl of the Federal Felreden Army and eventually the Alliance Joint Military. She is also piloting the Moldy Angel, a modified Eta-2 class interceptor and one of the few users who uses the BFG-9000

History[edit | edit source]

Early Times[edit | edit source]

Marian Hawke is a human who lived in Lothering during the Fifth Blight in Ferelden, escaping the darkspawn attack by fleeing north to the Free Marches.

Hawke's father Malcolm was an apostate mage who died three years prior to the war on this universe started, while their mother Leandra (of the Amell family) is a noble from Kirkwall. Marian has two younger twin siblings - the mage (now medic) Bethany and the warrior (now soldier) Carver.

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  • Being appeared in most Great Multiverse media, she is most likely to be the heroine of the Great Multiverse franchise.
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