Marquis de Lafayette is a Knight-in-training and an alliance trooper. He is contacted by the Allies after being a veteran in both the American and French in Sol Earth revolutionary wars and his eyes are opened to a whole new conflict brewing underneath. Lafayette serves as Sir Perceval’s apprentice and has become an invaluable member of his squad. Marquis is known to have a brash, whimsical demeanor, grounding some of the more serious tones of the other members of the order. Considering that he fought in two major revolutions, Marquis adopted a more light-hearted outlook on the concept of war. Nonetheless, he has the necessary experience to fight along The Order and Marquis is an adept of far more advanced weaponry, such as the DC-15A Blaster Rifle. At times impetuous, his passion for freedom and liberty is only equaled by his love of women.

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