Mas Amedda was a male Chagrian who served as the Vice Chancellor of the Galactic Republic during the administrations of Chancellors Finis Valorum and Palpatine. Amedda served during the Clone Wars and continued to serve under the self-proclaimed Emperor Palpatine as one of the first members of the Imperial Ruling Council.

BiographyEdit Edit

"Order! We shall have order!"
―Mas Amedda[src]

Early career Edit

A Chagrian male hailing from Champala, Mas Amedda was appointed by the Champalan government to represent the watery world in the Galactic Republic Senate on Coruscant. As a senator, Amedda considered himself an honest politician and strove to voice the wants and needs of his people in the Senate. Addicted to procedure and a stickler for rules, Amedda's fellow members of the Rim faction, specifically Senator Orn Free Taa, were anxious to put him in the position of Vice Chancellor. Despite Amedda's allegiance to the Trade Federation, Taa and his followers successfully appointed Amedda to the seat made available by the departing Bothan Vice Chair; the conspiring Senators hoped to bog down Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum in meaningless procedural squabbles and eventually end his career.[1] Amedda was also working closely with Senator Palpatine of Naboo to ensure Valorum became powerless, and is one of the few who knew that the Senator of the Chommell sector was more than he appeared to be.[5]

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