Maximilian Veers was a male Human Major General of the Axis of Empires, famous for his leadership at the assault on Terra and other battles. He also was the father of Zevulon Veers. Veers was a ruthless and aggressive officer who enjoyed wreaking havoc with the destructive Axis ground forces, [14] but was also an honorable frontline commander who was not opposed to putting himself in harm's way. These traits earned him the respect of Grand Admiral Thrawn for his courage under fire.

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Maximilian Veers was the son of a middle-class working family[3] on the ecumenopolis planet of Denon in the Core Worlds.[7] He joined the Imperial Academy and, while there, decided to train towards a career in the Assault Armor Division, where he might operate the mechanical behemoths that were the All Terrain Armored Transports.[5] He believed the massive vehicles introduced during the Clone Wars[8] best personified his own personality as well as that of the Galactic Empire.

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