Maya Visari

Echo is a intelligence operative for the Axis of Empires. She is also a half-breed (meaning she has both Helghast and Vektan blood). Her Allied counterpart was Nova Terra. The daughter of Hera Visari and granddaughter of Scolar Visari, Echo comes from a long line of Helghast aristocrats and politicians. It's currently unknown who her Vektan father is, yet Echo states that she is not ashamed of her hybrid heritage. As the Chancellor's daughter and an elite soldier of the Axis Joint Military, Echo holds some degree of command. It's implied that Echo is quite tenacious and passionate, to the point of seeming disobedient and rebellious. This is seen as she argues with her mother. This could also explain why she's a soldier despite being born into a rich and powerful Helghast family. Like Nova, Echo is an excellent marksman and a proficient hacker. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and wielding knives. Her intimate knowledge of the areas and routes were crucial when helping the Axis soldiers escape. She is capable of both marking and sniping with ease. Echo is adept at infiltration using her cloak. It's currently not known if she has the oratory skills and political charisma her mother and grandfather possess.

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