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The Mecha Tengu ( known as the Jet Tengu while in Jet mode) was developed by Tenzai Robotics and deployed by the Axis of Empires. Due to anime influence, it was designed from the ground up as both an assault robot and a fighter aircraft. Armed with dual kinetic autocannons, the Tengu is able fly to a target, transform from Jet to Mecha mode, and then engage lightly armoured ground targets and infantry, then transform again and if necessary fight its way out. In Jet mode, its performance can easily match any type of fighters. Unfortunately, the Tengu trades its versatility and relative speed for armoured protection; as a result they are thinly armored and vulnerable to AA and enemy fighters, as well as armoured units and massed infantry. For this reason, the Axis almost always chooses the employ the Tengu in large groups, where numbers compensate for its weaknesses.

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