TNOSniper Rifle

The Mehrzweckgewehr 60 (German for Multi-purpose Rifle 1960) is a select-fire rifle that is used by the Nazis. Despite it's body which is somewhat based off the Sturmgewehr 60's, the Marksman uses a different form of conventional ammunition. While firing regular rounds, the weapon's barrel is at full extent and the scope is available for use. The weapon's turning capability also is faster than other weapons, which shows how light weight the weapon is on account of movement. It's light weight body also has both advantages in killing enemies at a quicker speed, but also disadvantages at times when it comes to making more accurate shots. As good as the Marksman's ability to pick off targets at a distance with conventional ammunition is; the weapon can also be switched to become a full automatic plasma rifle. When switched to it's plasma rifle action, the scope is moved and swung over on the right side in a first person perspective, revealing an energy counter. The counter is designed to show the shooter how much energy the weapon has left before having to be recharged and it usually drains when the bars come toward the shooter. The rifle's barrel when switched is usually retracted when it's in it's plasma weapon mode. When fired, the mode shoots blue bolts of plasma that are lethal to anything it hits. The plasma weapon mode also serves as close range backup if someone sneaks to the user.

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