A group of Melderians hunting for food.

Melderians (Second Human Empire: ?) are an aquatic dpecies of humanoids native to the planet Seretha, where they share with the yellowed-skinned Gorthores, the grey-skinned Horkfhans, and the red-skinned Deleathans. A species with Bronze-Age technology, they are often divided into city-states that often fight each other as well as the other two native species. They are an extremely spiritual people with an immense sense of religious zeal and hierarchical society. The Melderians along with Horfkhans, Deleathan and Gorthones are mostly killed or enslaved during the infamous Great Serethan-Allied War, as they order them to exterminate them. Along with other Serethan races after that war, they were exiled and joined the Coalition of Independent States to find its new home, though a sizable exiled population is found in the Fourth Reich, the Consortium and according from Anya Oliwa's The Essential Guide to Multiversal Species, the Duskhan League

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