1024px-Russian Air Force Mil Mi-8MTV-5 Beltyukov-1

The Mil Mi-8 (Russian: Ми-8, Allied reporting name: Hip) is a Soviet-designed medium twin-turbine transport helicopter. There are also armed gunship versions. The Mi-8 is among the world's most-produced helicopters used by over 50 countries. There are numerous variants, including the Mi-8T which is armed with rockets and anti-tank guided missiles, in addition to carrying 24 troops, but it cannot carry certain races such as Tauren, Granoks, Dryads, Ogryns and Krogans due to its size. The Mil Mi-17 export version is employed by around 20 countries; its equivalent in Russian service in the Mi-8M series. The only visible difference between the Mi-8 and Mi-17 is that the tail rotor is on the starboard side (right side) of the Mi-8, whereas in Mi-17 it is on the left side. Also Mi-17 also has some improved armour plating for its crew. The naval Mil Mi-14 and attack Mil Mi-24 are also derived from the Mi-8. The Mi-8 remains in production in 2009. The Mi-8 Hip is a very popular helicopter, having used by the Alliance of Nations, Axis of Empires, Coalition of Independent States and countless other independent factions.

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