Michael Garibaldi, was Chief of Security for Alliance Joint Police Agency, Head of Covert Intelligence for the Multiversial Federation. He is also a key figure in the Great Serethan-Allied War, purging many Deleathans.

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Michael Alfredo Garibaldi[2] was born on February 2, 1442 N.E, the son of Earthforce Marine Alfredo Garibaldi. The Garibaldi family had long been involved with law enforcement, as Garibaldi's grandmother had been a police officer in Boston.[3] He later inherited her "slug thrower."[4]

Michael spent most of his early childhood living with his family in an old 82 story apartment building in Manhattan, New York. Michael's father Alfredo was famous in the building for being a prolific cook and taught his son everything he knew.[5] On Sundays he would cook up a huge dinner for anyone who wanted to come, serving sometimes twenty or thirty guests at a time. Most that came would bring some food too, though a few would just come to be fed. Not that Alfredo ever seemed to care, such was his love for cooking. He'd spend all day cooking, singing ballads he claimed were from the "old country". Though Michael never questioned that claim, given that his father was six generations removed from Italy he rather doubted it.[6]

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