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The Minbari (Second Human Empire name Hamo Dizoo'inni, Borg Designation: Species ?) are one of the oldest of the younger races and originate from the planet Minbar in Sector 120. Minbaris joined the Alliance of Nations as they are now part of the Interstellar Alliance

Minbari are bipedal humanoids in appearance with a distinctive boney antler-like head ridges that grow from the temples, wrapping back around to the nape of the neck and up to the crown.

By and large, Minbari are completely bald, possessing very little body hair beyond eyelashes, though in a slight oddity some males have been known to be able to grow beards. This may be a simple genetic throwback or ethnic variation as even on Earth, certain groups are themselves less capable of facial hair growth. Minbari earlobes are small compared to those of humans or Centauri and are located and at the base of the neck, just below the mandibular angle.