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Mira was female Human of the Fop'lla Universe, a 2nd Lieutenant of the 203rd Cadian Shock Troops Regiment of the Alliance Joint Military who took part in the successful Imperial campaign on the Forge World of Graia to liberate it from an assault by the Axis of Empires and an assault by the Coalition of Independent States. Due to the high casualties taken by the 203rd Cadian during their initial defence of the planet, Mira was the senior Imperial Guard officer remaining on the Forge World at the time of the arrival of the Allied Rapid Reaction Force that was commanded by BJ Blazkowicz. She was part of the Ciz'loikki conflict that occurred in 1512 NE during the first contact of the Second Human Empire, known to many as the first of Humanity who wanted to remain isolated and neutral from the Great War.


2nd Lieutenant Mira led a beleaguered Imperial Guard force against the Ork invaders of the Forge World of Graia. Her soldiers were the survivors of a much larger detachment of the Imperial Guard that was decimated after the Orks cut them off from orbital support and reinforcements. Lieutenant Mira was part of the 203rd Cadian Regiment that was en route to another Imperial war zone when Grimskull and his Orks launched their assault on Graia.

The 203rd Cadian's troop carrier was suddenly diverted to the Forge World of Graia as the only Imperial Guard force close enough to the planet to provide some support for its beleaguered Adeptus Mechanicus defenders. Mira's experience and skill as a tactician, coupled with her uncompromising humanity and refusal to give up against the overwhelming odds, commanded the fierce loyalty of her men.

All she wanted was to save the lives of the remaining soldiers she was sworn to lead in the Emperor of Mankind's name, but she saw little hope of withstanding the Orks' onslaught until the arrival of Captain Titus and the Ultramarines changed the equation.

Mira and the surviving troops of the 203rd Cadian ultimately proved vital to the victory of Captain Titus and his Astartes of the Ultramarines Chapter over the Orks and the daemonic and Chaos Space Marine forces unleashed from the Warp by the trickery of Nemeroth.



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