Luminara Unduli, a well-known mirialan

Mirialans (Second Human Empire: Neo Edanians) were a species of near-Humans native to the planet Mirial. Their appearance varied from yellow-green skin to paler skin very similar to many Humans. Mirialans were very flexible and agile, making them fast and formidable foes. Renowned in all corners of the multiverse for their spirituality and strong connection to the Force, the Mirialan endure rigorous mental and physical training rituals to become both formidable warriors and skilled negotiators. Their reputation is not without merit; Mirialan are taken from home at a young age to be educated at one of the many youth academies. There, they are instilled with the cultural ideologies that have been engrained in Mirialan society for hundreds of generations.



Society and Culture

List of Known of Mirialans

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