Mirrored City, also referred to as the City of Duality, City of Two Facades and the City of Two Faces, is a city found in the Plains of Rebirth, although it's less of a city in the traditional sense and more of a collective of various interconnected floating cities in a vast ocean. The city itself is quite beautiful and peaceful, appearing to be great place to reside in, if it wasn't for the fact that no one lives in this city, giving off a ghost town feeling for all who comes to this city, yet, the city remains perfectly well kept and maintained when it should have decayed away numerous eons ago. This ocean that the Mirrored City is in is unlike other bodies of water, first, is the complete lack of any distortions regardless of how many times a being may try to interrupt it, second the reflection of the city, instead of the well maintained and truly beautiful city, it shows the same city but completely wartorn and ruined by some kind of conflict. One can enter either version of the city but jump into this ocean whereupon one finds that it isn't an ocean but rather a looking class of both cities, one of order, one of chaos. One of construction and one of destruction, one of life and one of death.

Due to this city's very nature, it has brought about questions involving the duality of sentience. Sentient life can create great wonders and beauty but can also bring about great destruction and horror. More than once sentient life has been its own worse enemy. Regardless of their characteristic, be they organic, iroganic, inorganic or synthetic, self-destructive tendencies seem to dominate and characterize most if not all sentient species. These self-destructive tendencies range from internal, which often comes about from petty reasons or simple extremes of survival to external, which often comes from the same sort of actions brought about internal conflicts. All sentient life has flaws in some way, and more often then not, these flaws tend to breed conflict in some shape and form.

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