Mission to Auferstehung Der Vision is an operation that occurred from July 15th to July 25th 2392. The Operation was sent by Dr. Roman Shepard and Admiral Ivan Shepard to Commanders Victor, Zachary and Diana Shepard and their team about two days after their "Suicide" mission to the Collector Base. The Operation's goal was to find information about a transmissions from a Greater German Imperial Research colony, the Mission became less information and more survival as they discovered it to be overwhelmed by Element 115 Zombies, but they did found out that the colony is under the direct control of a German Nazi remnant group known simple as Project Resurrection, Cerberus also sent in their own team as well.

People Involved

Project Resurrection

  • StandortenFuhrer Saeren Rollmann
  • ObergrouppenFuhrer Raplh Burg

Shepard's Team

  • Commander Victor Shepard
  • Commander Zachary Shepard
  • Commander Diana Shepard
  • Garrus Vakeran (Kiz'ro)
  • Tail'zorah Vas Normandy (Kiz'ro)
  • Samara (Kiz'ro)
  • Dr. Morden Solus (Kiz'ro)
  • Thane Krios (Kiz'ro)
  • Jacob Taylor (Kiz'ro)
  • Jack (Kiz'ro)
  • Miranda Lawson (Kiz'ro)
  • Grunt (Kiz'ro)
  • Zassed Missarui (Kiz'ro)
  • Kutomoto Goto (Kiz'ro)
  • Legion (Kiz'ro)

Cerberus of Kiz'ro

  • Kai Leng

The Alliance of Civilizations (limited)

  • Dr. Roman Shepard
  • Admiral Ivan Shepard
  • James T. Kirk

The Voices

  • "The Doctor"-Cyan glowing eyes
  • "The Child"-Yellow glowing eyes
  • "The Angered"-Blackish-Red glowing eyes


  • "The Trapped God"
  • "The Sadistic Demon"
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