F-22A Raptor Mobius One

Mobius One is arguably one of the most successful aces ever to take to the Multiverse. Their identity, real name and appearance is unknown. He/She was a key figure in helping the Alliance Joint Military achieve victory in the Great Aerial Battle of Tordas. His/Her signature aircraft was the ISAF-type blue-tinted F-22A Raptor, which remained his/her fighter of choice following the end of the Second Liuo'opui Civil War (Usean Continental War). The total number of air victories achieved by Mobius One is one of the highest ever to be achieved by a single pilot. This is evident in his/her flawless track record, having never been shot down during a mission and having risen from the position of rookie to top ace in less than twelve months. His/Her flying skill was evaluated to be equal to that of an entire airforce division.

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