The Modular Taskforce Cruiser, also known as Star Hauler, was a support vessel class built by Tagge Industries Shipyards Limited for the Axis of Empires. These ships functioned as a generic framework on which mission-specific modules could be mounted and reconfigured as necessary. The basic design of the Modular Taskforce Cruiser was fairly simple. In its baseline configuration, the ship consisted of a command section, a life-support system, quarters for a skeleton crew, and an engineering section. Since this was a support vessel, armament was light for its size. Conceived as a way to streamline increasingly costly fleet operations, the Modular Taskforce Cruiser was Tagge Industries’ winning bid for a contract to produce a new multi-role starship. Instead of maintaining a fleet of ships designed to undertake specific roles, a single ship-class could accommodate an interchangeable equipment module and be outfitted for a new mission in a matter of hours at almost any shipyard.

Mission modules Edit

Mission Function Modules, also known as "MFMs," were independent units which were attached to the skeleton of the Modular Taskforce Cruiser. Each vessel carried one module, but it was believed that Tagge planned to produce miniature modules to allow a ship to perform several simultaneous functions.

In a single day at a shipyard or other properly outfitted facility, one module could be removed, and a new module could be mounted and connected to the vessel's life support, power, and communications systems.

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