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The Molkrel are a species of vicious and brutal cyborgs that rules a emerance intermultiversal empire. The Molkrel are increadible advance species that could do and create maveals that can amaze anyone. The Molkrel spend much of their history either attacking, invading or conquering another multiverse or colonizing another multiverse, making them a highly aggressive and invasive species. Many noted that the Molkrel are divided into three, destinent 'sub-species' so to speak, the light, mediem and heavy Molkrels




Society and Culture


List of Known Molkrels


  • although the Vong does not state it, it's quite possible that the Molkrel were the ones who forced the Yuuzhan Vong out of their home universe and may have lead to their species dislike for mechanical based technology and it's use of organic technology.
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