a Mort with a new identity

Morts, also referred to as "Spirts", "Ghosts", "Gods" and "Demons" are beings that are reborn and exist in the Space inbetween the Universes, known simply as the Plains of Rebirth, these beings are reborn individuals who had traveled to other Universes through physical means (be it though Trans-Dimensional Portals or Tears). They are by far, the most powerful beings in the Multiverse with abilities to change their shape and even the environment around them.


it's nearly impossible to tell much of their original form (giving the fact that they often choose a new form once they have gained a new identity, if barely) however, most of the time, they take forms that they could remember from whatever fragments of their memories that they can get from their old life, be it a job they once proformed or a deity that they once worshipped


Not much is known as to what happens to morts, but what is known is that most are insane to various degrees and have forgotten nearly everything about their old lives, the most well accepted theory states that once a mort is reborn, their memories and sanity starts to deteriorate and progressively grow worse as the months, sometimes years, go by, and once the time they create a new identity, their memories nearly all gone and their sanity ruined as well, but, not all of them are like this however, (Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth, Robert and Rosalind Lutece and Old Gray (though this is questionable) are just some of a few Morts that manage to keep their sanity and memories intact)

Well known MortsEdit

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