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Mos Eisley (pronounced /mɑs aɪzliː/, moss izelee, (Listen (help·info))), formerly known as Eisley, was a large spaceport town on the planet Tatooine. It was the largest settlement on the planet and generally known as the "armpit of the Multiverse".

Mos Eisley was located in a valley somewhere to the southeast of the Jundland Wastes[5] and roughly 80 kilometers north of Anchorhead, near the desert palace of Jabba the Hutt.

From a distance, the spaceport appeared as a haphazard collage of low-grade duracrete, stone, and plastoid structures that spread outward from a central power and water distribution plant. The city lacked a main landing facility; therefore it relied on 362 individual hangars.[5] By order of the Empire, all of these hangars were equipped with time-lock devices.[5] Illegally parked vessels were not an uncommon sight.

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