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The Multiverse Civil War, also referred to as the Aionios Basileus's War, the Multiversial Schism, and the Multivesial Civil War was a brutal armed conflict that occurred from February 8th, 9885 to October 9th, 9931 that occurred between the Multiversial Federation and the Order of the Multiversial Empire of Eternity. many describe the war as the 'war that killed heroes' with many of the Multiverses well known (and surviving) heroes being killed with only a handful surviving the war's end, one of which being Alexi Scott. The war's brutality and destructiveness is what many later historians believe have caused the Federation to be enter its economic depression and social instability with many problems stemming from the destruction of the Pol Universe (and the capital of the Federation), which forced it to relocate the capital to a different location, San Francisco (Arcadia City), Duyi'zu Earth being one such location (in fact, it was location of the Federation's temporary capital for a number of years.

History Edit

Early Skirmishes and Search for Luke Skywalker (February 1st - 7th, 9885) Edit

Destruction of the Pol Universe (February 8th, 9885) Edit

Order Advances and a Shattered Federal Response (February 9th, 9885 - April 20th, 9908) Edit

Unified Federal Counterattacks (April 30th, 9908 - June 14th, 9911) Edit

Advances Stales and War Intensify (June 21st, 9911 - November 10th, 9921) Edit

Battle of Crait and Kylo's Coup (November 11th - November 15th, 9921) Edit

Search for the Final Shard of the Cruel Lord (November 30th, 9921 - May 10th, 9926) Edit

Discovery of the Final Shard of the Cruel Lord and the Five Years of Blood (May 11th, 9926 - September 11th, 9931) Edit

Final Battle and Destruction of the Final shard of the Cruel Lord (September 12th - October 9th, 9931) Edit

People involved Edit

Multiversial Federation Edit

Heroes that survived Edit

Heroes that died in the war Edit

Order of the Multiversial Empire of Eternity Edit

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