Multiverse space

The White Void with black universes shining throughout

Multiverse Space, or commonly, Multiversial Space, Interdimensional Space, the Space Between, and the White Void, is the name of the white void between the innumerable universes in the Multiverse. Some say that prolonged exposure to this white void could drive people mad, as one looks into various possibilities that exist inside this white void where all timelines combined into one and the inability to separate oneself from what's true and what's false will drive one insane. While this is completely false, it is known that staring at the white void for long enough periods will have the same effect but is curable. The Multiversial Federation has numerous prisons located in the white void, as it serves as an excellent location for prison stations and other assorted military stations as well.

Known Stations in The Multiverse Space Edit

Observers Edit

Owned by the Multiversal Federation, these stations act as a drop-off point and as a safe house for the federation's vast military forces. However, most officers actively try to avoid extensive usage of the observers, as to not repeat the OBSV-13 incidents. The observers themselves are organized under higher stations, known as High Observers. These high observers contain multiple MSSPS (Multiverse Space Station Projection and Stabilization) engines, that sustain both the High Observers and the lower Observers which can be remotely deactivated, should an Observer become compromised.

The Cage Edit

The mere mention of The Cage can send chills down the spine of any criminal within the Multiversal Federation territory, as a sentence to the cage is a fate worse than death. Many horror stories abound of The Cage, but none are confirmed or denied. Many war criminals, mass murderers, and other malcontents are believed to be located there. There are even rumors suggesting that one of the Cruel Lord's own surviving children are imprisoned here, for a failed attempt to assassinate many notable Federation members. The Cage is equipped with numerous failsafes in case of a riot, the most drastic of which is to forcibly shut down all portals leading to and out of The Cage, in the hopes that the prisoners would eventually give in.

The White Station Edit

The White Station does not exist. But that's what The Military Tribunal would like you to believe.

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