The Multiversal Federation (1)

Flag of the Federation when it first formed

Secondry symbol of the Multiverisal Federation

It's flag following the Third War

Multiversial Federation


"In Unity and Peace, We Thrive"

Date Formed/Reorganized

June 4th, 3642 N.E, August 16th, 5355 N.E


Utopia City, Pol Earth


Many languages (officially recognized is English, Latin, Cil'zili and Kizzliziuk)


Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic (3642-5355) Military Democracy (5355-current)


Federal Congress Upper House- Senate of Universes Lower House- Council of Species Military Council- Military Trbunal

Historical Eras

Unity Era, Third War, Third Aftermath

Number of Planets

the Enter Multiverse


Eighty Five Undecillion (3642) Five Hundred and Sixty Centrillion (Post-Third War)

Official Currency


The Multiversial Federation, also known as the Federation, became the Official Government of the Multiverse after the Infection War on june 4th, 3642, but not all wise for their civilizations to be absorbed into this faction which started the Nationalist Wars, the final conflict it fought was in the Third Multiverse War when it fought against the TransRace Empire and the Hegemony of Independent States where it emerage victorius with the Multiverse itself unfied under it's banner.



Nationalist Wars

Rise of Anti-TransRace hatred

Creation of the TransRace Empire

Third Multiverse War

Collaspe of the Hegemony of Independent States

Downfall of the TransRace Empire

Unified of the Multiverse


Pre-Third War

Before and during the Third War, the Federation was once a federal presidential constitutional Republic, and like the U.S of the various Earths, it's regulated by a system of checks and balances defined in it's constitution

Post-Third War

following the Third War, the government was now starting to break with the time, which eventually lead to the Delta Sword Conflict. Following said conflict, the Federation reformed into a Federal Presidential Constitutional Military-base Democracy with a new branch of Government being set up, the Military Council (which was once the High Command of the Federal Armed Forces) where they then elect the new Supreme General of the Federation

List of Presidents of the Multiversal Federation

Name Years in Office Political Party Species Gender
George W.B Hadaway 3642 to 3662 None Human Male

List of Supreme Generals of the Multiversal Federation

List of Political Parities in the Federation

NAme of Political Party Colors of the Party Political views Type of Party
Federalist Party Blue, Black and White Centre-Right Major
Constitutionalist Party Black and Blue Centric Major
Workers Party Black, Red and Gold Socialistic/Communinistic, Left-Wing Major
Democratic Socialist Party Blue and Red Centre-Left Major
Progressive Party Green, Black and White Centre-Left Major
Unionist Party Black and White Centre-Left Major
Imperialist Party Black, Grey and White Right-Wing, Facistic Major


at first, it was highly diverse but as time went on, it started to develope it's society, a society that still diverse but puts emphasis on Freedom, Independence, Honor, Military service, Friendship and Democratic values


it's highly diverse (given the fact that it have trillions upon trillions upon trillions of various species, cultures and viewpoints) even after the third war, it's still diverse



A Multiversial Federation Soldier following the Third War

Just like it's society and culture, it's military is just as equally diverse in terms of uniforms and equipment, but as both the Nationalist Wars and the the Third War went on, the Federation started to unify it's uniform system to the point that all it's military forces were using the same uniform by the end of the Third War, although it's still diverse equiment but as time goes on, its equiment becames more unified with equiment built specifically for the Federation instind of former independent factions

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