Na'Toth 01

Na'Toth was a Narn diplomatic attaché and daughter of Counsellor Shu'Toth. Na'Toth was an intelligent and cunning individual with a flair for witty replies. She has a sarcastic (if not sardonic) sense of humor which she has displayed on many occasions. She has also displayed knowledge on many topics both relating to Narn (such as her almost encyclopedic knowledge of the operations of the Thenta Makur) and outside of it (such as her knowing that the Pak'ma'ra are carrion eaters and her knowing of the Earth phrase "bon appetit"). In contrast to the more spiritual G'Kar, Na'Toth is very much the pragmatist. When asked by G'Kar what her beliefs are, Na'Toth comments she believes only in herself. She was part of the Narn Treason

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