Wallpaper crysis 2 03

Nanosuit in combat.

Nanosuits (Also known as Nano-Muscle Suits), are powerful and extremely versatile combat armor originally proposed in the intention of enabling humans to operate in previously hostile environments which would otherwise be substantially lethal. This is permitted through the suit's ability to adapt and absorb energy in a myriad of forms ranging from heat, solar, radiation, static, kinetic, and even carbon. In addition, the suit's CryFibril (Artificial muscle fibers) can be programmed for a variety of purposes (Such as hardening to absorb more damage, muscle augmentation, or invisibility), leading to drastically enhanced combat and physical performance, allowing the operator to execute super-human feats. These suits are the pinnacle, and the most technologically advanced piece of equipment within human hands as of the year 2020 A.D. (By 2023 A.D., it was surpassed by the Nanosuit 2.0 ); capable of rivaling even the alien technology. It used by the Alliance of Nations as a key weapon in the fight against the Empire of the Combine Race.

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