The Narada was a Axis mining vessel that was in service in the late First War. The Narada was commanded by Nero; his second-in-command was Ayel. It was destroyed during the Remnant Wars.

The primary weapons seemed to be highly destructive missiles, each of which could break into several component projectiles. These projectiles were powerful enough to penetrate the standard shielding which starships. The Narada housed at least enough of these weapons to easily destroy entire fleets of ships; more than fifty vessels were destroyed over twenty-five years.

As a mining vessel, the Narada also had an immense drilling apparatus, which was a platform at the end of a lengthy boom seemingly hundreds of kilometers long. The drill emitted a powerful beam that could penetrate a planet's surface and continue all the way to its core. The high energy output from the beam itself also acted as a disruptor of sorts, causing localized interference in communications and transporter signals.

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