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The Narn Regime is the government of the Narn people. The Kha'Ri is the ruling body of the Narn Regime, composed of different levels called "circles." After the Centauri withdrawal from Narn in 1453 N.E the Kha'Ri was reformed, though initially sole leadership of the Regime was offered to Citizen G'Kar. Later in 1462 N.E G'Kar's popularity and status as a living religious icon had grown to such a degree that members of the Kha'Ri insisted that G'Kar return to Narn to either rule or officially bless the Kha'Ri to rule in his name. It was originally a member of the Interstellar Alliance, but due to the Narn hated the entire Centauri race, the Narn betrayed the IA and joined the Coalition of Independent States and replaced by its successor, the Narn Empire

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