Natasi Daala
Natasi Daala
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Irmenu, Viau Universe

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1420 N.E

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Axis of Empires, Galactic Empire, Galactic Alliance, Multiversial Federation,Imperial Remnant,Imperialist Alliance


Supreme Commander



Natasi Daala was a Human female who became the first woman to reach the rank of admiral in the Axis Navy, and later was named Chief of the Fleets of the Multiversial Federaton and 4th Supreme Commander. Daala enlisted in the Axis Navy on Carida, but was discriminated against due to her sex (at least from those of more patriarchal like societies). However, she achieved success thanks to Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, who discovered her after she defeated many skilled Axis opponents in simulated battles, using an alias to hide her true identity. Tarkin took her under his wing, and as he rose in the ranks, so did she. She became his lover and was eventually promoted to admiral by him. Shortly after, she was sent to oversee the top-secret Imperial research facility known as the Maw Installation. There, some of the best scientists in the galaxy worked on new concepts, designing superweapons for the Empire. She resided there with four Imperial I-class Star Destroyers for eleven years, unaware of what was happening in the Viau galaxy. She's one of the survivors of the Coruscant Xenocide

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Daala was an aggressive commander who harbored much frustration at being so poorly treated in the Imperial command structure. She was considered to be remarkably charismatic, but due to her gender and suspect manner of promotion this was often ignored.[11] She also could be ruthless, ordering the bombardment of colonies, the destruction of merchant vessels,[16] the torture of prisoners,[5] and the destruction of worlds with seemingly no remorse. Daala was often prone to great fury which she found difficult to constrain, but found that attacking a target during battle was the best way to release her anger. She felt that outbursts of one's anger were unprofessional, and restrained herself mostly to serve as an example to her crewmen.[16] She was also mistrustful of Force-users, both light and dark-side, and in a private conference with Boba Fett agreed that the galaxy would be better off without them.[18]

however, the Combines have shown to respect her to the point that they consider her the equal to the Empress, a woman who's well known for both her technical genus and ruthlessness in military abilities

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