Nationalistic Riots on Zui'tuk Earth

The Nationalist Wars, is a series of Rebellions, Civil Wars and uprisings that lasted from May 6th, 3751 to April 9th, 4004 between the Nationalist Alliance and the Multiversial Federation. It started as a series of protest against the new Government of the Multiverse, the Multiversial Federation, but, over time it became a series of Riots and finally a series full armed conflicts. Seeing that if they face the Federation alone, they will ultimately lose the war, which helped push the various insurrection groups to formed a loose-based Alliance to fight off the Federation's Forces, the war ended after the Alliance's Leader betrayed them by sending in his newest lord of the newly formed TransRace Empire and on the same day declared war against the Multiversial Federation which started the Third Multiverse War

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What began as a series of largely peaceful protest made by nationalistic groups across the newly created Federation, who all didn't like having their respected nations annexed by the Federation and seek to have a referendum to reestablish their old homelands as independent again. But these protests were often mocked by their fellow people and rarely did these referendums get past 12% of the vote (the highest being 39%), this lead to frustration within these largely peaceful nationalistic groups. To make matters worse, these nationalistic groups started to become more and more extreme, forcing out Moderates out and turning these peaceful organizations into little more then terrorist organizations that sought to gain independence though violence, which, more often then not drove their very own people against them. This chaos allowed for power-hunger tyrants and wouldbe conquerors to quickly gain leadership of some of these nationalist factions, but, all the while, completely unaware of the cruel lords' manipulates of almost all of these events.

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  • John Sheridan (from
  • Bail Prestor Organa (from
  • Howard Ackerman (from
  • Tyrande Whisperwind
  • Leia Organa Solo
  • Luis Santiago (from

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