Sylvanas's Cursed Belly

Sylvanas Windrunner's pierced navel

The navel, or belly button[1], was a small dent on the abdomen of all mammals whose females generate a placenta in their womb during pregnancy to feed their unborn young. It was the site of the attachment of the umbilical cord while in utero, and is sealed after birth. Navels could be found on the abdomen of Humans, Near-Humans, and some Humanoids.

It was not uncommon for young, attractive sentient females in the multiverse to display their bare midriffs and navels in either practical or alluring attire. For example, Human Allied Soldier Marian Hawke wore a practical, navel-baring outfit during a brief trip to the desert planet of Tauris,[2] likely to help stay cooler during the searing heat. Many years later, Leia Organa was forced to wear a skimpy dancer's outfit in the court of Jabba the Hutt which also displayed her navel in the Tatooine Crisis.[3] Other Notable navel-baring women included but weren't limited to Sebacean Aeryn Sun,[9] Night Elf Tyrande Whisperwind,[10] Sylvanas Windrunner[11], Lelith Hesperax,[12] and Katarina Du Corteau,[13] Nova Terra,[14] Belle Walker, Tanya Adams,[15] and Natasha Shepard. Aayla Secura, though a Jedi Master, had a series of jewels embedded in her own navel during the First War,[19] while Marian Hawke and Kit Brinny embedded them in their own navels to appear as harmless belly dancers in an attempt to evade the Jabba and Noore's guards in the Tatooine Crisis.[20] Even other females, such as Natasha Volkova (Gil), had her navel pierced, as one would an ear.

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